Terrorist ideology, propaganda’s mobilization ability still intact, says Messahel

PARIS- Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel warned Wednesday, in Paris, that terrorist ideology and propaganda’s mobilization ability is still intact in different regions of the world,
despite the pulling back of terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria
“(…) Despite the pulling back of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, the mobilization ability of the terrorist ideology and propaganda is still intact in the different regions of the world, regardless of the modes of societies,” underlined the minister in a conference under the theme “Against terrorism and extremism, de-radicalization: The Algerian experience,” that he presented at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), warning that no country is “unfortunately immune.”
He underlined that, according to the geography of the attempts perpetrated in the last twelve months, the phenomenon of radicalization “is spreading in the world” and represents a priority concern in the governmental policies, “ as it is the backbone of violent extremism and the breeding ground where terrorists are trained,” pointing out that the terrorist group DAESH called on its members to continue and focus their struggle in the ideological field, mainly through internet, dark net and coded platforms.
He also pointed out that there is a progressive change in the modus operandi of terrorist groups which “favor and glorify the individual initiative,” by extending their field of action to the whole planet.
While broaching the threat of the return of foreign terrorist combatants to their countries of origin and other territories, he underlined that this encourages a redeployment of this threat.

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