Sonelgaz exports electricity to Europe

Sonelgaz will start to export electricity to Europe

The Sonelgaz Group has started its electricity exports to Europe as of the third quarter of 2009, announced, in Algiers, its Chairman & CEO, Nourredine Boutarfa. “

It should be recalled that in 2008 Algeria signed an agreement with Spain on the transit of electric energy via the Moroccan network by the establishment of a 400MW interconnection between the two countries.

The new interconnection would also enable Algeria to export up to 1,OOOMW of electric power to Morocco and Spain and to import up to 700MW when needed.

Also talking about the financing of the investment program initiated by Sonelgaz. Mr Boutarfa revealed that his holding company has launched, in 2009, its third bond loan of an amount of 30 billion dinars.

Mr Boutarfa also reassured that the installed electricity production capacities have helped to avoid any dumping during summer 2009.

The national connection rate to the natural gas network will reach 57% in 2011

The national natural gas coverage rate will reach 57 in 2011, stated, in Laghouat, the Chairman & CEO of the national company Sonelgaz. “The current national coverage rate is around 42%. It is 83% in Laghouat, placing it at the top of the wilayas in terms of coverage by this vital energy”, indicated Noureddine Boutarfa on the fringes of a working visit to the region. The Chairman & CEO of Sonelgaz, during his tour, commissioned a natural gas supply network of the commune of El Houita, after the completion of a 30km long transportation and distribution network, whose cost is estimated at 630 million dinars. He also inaugurated the natural gas supply project of the housing estate of Echekkala, commune of Sidi Bouzid. This project, which has benefited, by virtue of the Complementary Development Support Program 2008, from a financial package of almost 37 million dinars, should supply power to 90 households. The electric transformer project of the commune of Am Madhi, realized by virtue of the Complementary Development Support Program for a cost of 10 million dinars, was also inspected by the Chairman & CEO of Sonelgaz. This operation, which has enabled the connection over a distance of 4km of close to 33 households will enable, once completed, the realization of 219 electrical connections. Mr Bouterfa then went to the daira of Aflou where he placed down the first stone of the head office of the technical services for electricity and gas and the marketing service. This project, for which, by virtue of the program to renovate company structures, has been given a package of over 107,000,000 dinars, will be launched next May for a period of 12 months.

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