Refugees: Host countries’ concerns “must be taken into account”

APS : Monday, 01 October 2018
GENEVA- Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel affirmed Monday, in Geneva, that the concerns of countries hosting refugees must be taken into account,
calling for a “renewed commitment” to preventing and resolving conflicts in accordance with the international law.
The meeting of the executive committee of the programme of the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) must devote its commitment to “examining the issue of forced movement by taking into account the real and legitimate concerns of the host countries,” he said in his speech at the 69th session of this committee.
He added that this approach must be based on a “renewed commitment to preventing and resolving conflicts in accordance with the rules and principles of the international law and of the United Nations Charter” and on a “fair and predictable sharing of the additional costs at the global level, both in terms of refugee admission and protection and implementation of lasting solutions for them.”
According to Messahel, “the success of this approach lies, to a large extent, in our capacity to act, individually and collectively, on the deep causes of forced movement.”
While broaching the aspects related to the Global Compact on Refugees, Foreign Minister said that “this compact, in addition to the fact that it constitutes a further milestone in the consolidation of multilateralism, marks the ambition to progress in the handling of the complex issue of forced movements.”
In this regard, he stressed the fact that “the expected results of this compact won’t live up to the ambition, only if its implementation benefits from the support of everyone on the basis of an effective international solidarity.”
“It is also necessary to accompany this implementation by the creation of a concrete mechanism of sharing additional costs and responsibilities,” he pointed out.

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