Rapid changes worldwide require wisdom, foresight

APS : Sunday, 19 March 2017
EL BAYADH- The rapid changes worldwide require wisdom and foresight, said Sunday President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
“The strategic choices adopted to boost and develop the national economy (…) take into account the concrete situation of the country’s available resources and all the realities in the world in which we live,” said the Head of State in a message marking the Victory Day (19 March), read on his behalf by Adviser to the Presidency Mohamed Ali Boughazi.
The world is witnessing “regional and international tensions and rapid changes that require wisdom and foresight, not only from the elite but also from the whole society,” added the President of the Republic.
“Our people have, throughout history, preserved and defended the message of loyalty and faithfulness to the nation. In the past, they showed patience and courage in the face of the ordeals, which they overcame through great sacrifices, and learned a lot from the national tragedy, making of Algeria a country of peace and security, thanks to the Almighty God, who inspired us the policy of peace and national reconciliation,” said the Head of State.
He added “the State has managed to establish the rule of law and the independence of justice, and implement reforms provided for by the Constitution to protect the country and ensure its internal and external security,” concluded President Bouteflika.

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