Qatar Investment Authority officials invited to inquire about Algeria’s investment opportunities

APS : Thursday, 08 November 2018
DOHA (Qatar)- Minister of Commerce Saïd Djellab invited the officials of the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and Qatari investors to inquire about the investment opportunities offered by Algeria.
The minister met with the QIA and the investors on the sidelines of Qatar “Food & Hospitality” Show, held on 6 – 8 November in Doha, with the participation of Algeria as guest of honour.
Djellab said that Algeria has huge potentials for the operators willing to establish long-standing partnerships and investments in all the sectors.
He mentioned Qatar Steel which constructed a Steel Complex in the Industrial Area of Bellara (Jijel).
Qatar Steel and the National Steel Company SIDER signed partnership agreement, based on the investment rule 51/49, for the construction of the Bellara complex with an initial production capacity of almost two million tonnes of concrete and wire rod.
Chairman of the Investment Authority Sheikh Faisal Bin Thani Faisal Bin Al Thani announced that a delegation of Qatari businessmen, members of the Authority will visit Algeria in early 2019, stressing that the Qatari businessmen show particular interest in the public and private sectors, notably the small and medium companies.

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