President Bouteflika: “Revolution of 1st November restored sovereign Algerian State”

APS : Wednesday, 02 November 2016
PARIS- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika affirmed that the Revolution of 1st November 1954 “restored the sovereign Algerian State,” underlining that it also helped speeding up the decolonization of other countries.
“Crowning more than one century of proud people’s resistance, the revolution of November restored the sovereign Algerian State and passed on its noble principles and objectives which constitute the unchanging basis of the independent Algeria,” said the Head of State in an “exclusive” message published by the monthly magazine Afrique Asie in its issue of November.
He underlined, in this message, which opens a special issue on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary, that beyond its national borders, the revolution of the 1st November 1954 “helped speeding up the decolonization process around the world.”
“It is henceforth an established fact that the struggle of the Algerian people speeded up the independence of French colonies in Africa. Thereafter, the example of November’s revolution and the active solidarity of the independent Algeria contributed to the victory of other brotherly African peoples who took up arms for their liberation, notably in former Portuguese-speaking colonies,” said President Bouteflika, underlining that the liberating struggle was an “epic” hailed around the world.
It is thanks to this epic, he added, that the willingness and determination of the Algerian people broke the colonial yoke, at the cost of one and a half million of martyrs and millions of citizens who suffered from horror and torture, the pain of uprooting and total destitution.”
He pointed out that the sacrifices of the struggling Algerian people “also received a response from the United Nations,” stressing that “the history shows that it was the uprising of the Algerian cities’ population in December 1960 which resulted, in the same month, in the famous resolution 1514 proclaiming the rights of the colonized peoples to independence.”

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