Peace agreement in Mali: European Council congratulates Algeria, reaffirms support to Malian process

BRUSSELS-The European Council welcomed Algeria’s efforts that led to the signing of the Peace Agreement in Mali and reaffirmed its commitment to support the process in the countries of the Sahel, according to a statement APS received Monday.
At a meeting, the European Council reaffirmed its commitment, alongside the other members of the Mediation and the international community, to “support the peace process in Mali by all appropriate means and instruments” while playing “an active role” in the monitoring process.
It stressed that the signing of the peace agreement on May 15 and June 20 by all parties in Bamako, is “a crucial step in restoring peace, stability and security.”
The Council called in a communiqué to “absolute and lasting respect” of the agreement in order to improve the living conditions of the population and rebuild the mutual trust that will promote national reconciliation.
The Council also stressed the need for “rapid and complete” implementation of the agreement and underscored “the importance of building sustainable and inclusive peace in Mali, with the full participation of women and men.”
The proper “implementation” of the peace agreement relies on the disposal of all parties to “fulfil their commitments” to ensure a transparent process, a key to a “tangible peace,” the statement added.
Regarding the security issue in the region, the European Council condemned all terrorist attacks, stressing that all parties must ensure the protection of civilians, including United Nations staff and humanitarian workers.
It reiterated its full support for the UN mission in Mali (MINUSMA), which has a key role as part of its new mandate to support and oversee the implementation of the peace agreement.
Besides Algeria, leader, the Council of Europe congratulated the other members of the mediation team, the United Nations, the Government of Mali and the armed groups’ coalitions for their tireless efforts for the success of these negotiations.
Monday, 20 July 2015 19:59

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