Parliament: Need to diversify cooperation fields between Algeria, EU

APS : Wednesday, 28 November 2018
ALGIERS- Diversifying the fields of cooperation between Algeria and the European Union (EU) was Tuesday at the heart of a meeting at the headquarters of the People’s National Assembly between
the head the Committee on Foreign Affairs, cooperation and national community abroad Abdelhamid Si Afif and a delegation of the working group (east-west) at EU Council, said a communiqué of the Parliament’s Lower House.
Si Afif broached in talks with the European delegation the “role of the People’s National Assembly and stages of its evolution,” emphasizing its contribution to the democratic process completed by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika through a series of reforms, culminating in the last constitutional amendment which enshrined more rights and freedoms.
In terms of cooperation, Si Afif welcomed the privileged relations between Algeria and EU in various fields,” pointing out the need to “diversify these fields as part of a win-win partnership.”
Concerning the illegal migration, the committee’s head stressed the importance of coordinating efforts to face this phenomenon,” calling for the adoption of a “comprehensive approach based on the development of migrant-exporting countries.”
In this regard, he reiterated “Algeria’s rejection to become an assembly centre for migrants.”
Regarding the situation in the region, Si Affif said that “the Maghreb space represents a strategic option for Algeria which estimates that the revival of the Arab Maghreb Union must be carried out on objective bases which take into consideration the interest of all peoples.”
For its part, the delegation of the working group (east-west) expressed satisfaction to be in Algeria, welcoming Algeria’s efforts to promote its relations with EU.
The European delegation seized this opportunity to express its hope to see “the bilateral cooperation further strengthened,” pointing out that EU is “ready to have talks with Algeria in complete transparency to reach fruitful decisions concerning joint cooperation.”

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