Need for comprehensive approach to address issues of migration, asylum

APS : Monday, 26 March 2018
GENEVA- The constructive handling of the issues of migration and asylum requires the adoption of a comprehensive approach, taking into consideration the different aspects related to security,
human rights and the root causes of these issues, said Monday in Geneva Speaker of the Council of the Nation (Upper House of the Parliament) Abdelkader Bensalah.
In his address at the 138th General Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union, Bensalah recalled Algeria’s position on the issues of refugees and illegal migration.
In this regard, he underlined the “need for comprehensive approach that takes into consideration the different aspects related to security, human rights and the root causes of the issues of migration and asylum, like armed conflicts, political instability, absence of development and unemployment.”
The Upper House’s speaker also stresses the need to ” encourage regulated legal migration, profitable for both home and destination countries, as an age-old phenomenon in the human history and a source of economic, cultural and scientific wealth, beneficial for all peoples.”
He added that international community has to focus on “the positive impact of international legal migration on the development processes of countries.”
“When addressing the issues of asylum and migration we should take into account the concerns and interest of home, transit and destination countries in a fair and balanced way,” said Bensalah.
To that end, he stressed the need to revise the inefficient policies and the commitments of all parties, in accordance with the national capacities and conditions of each of them to contribute to the international efforts in addressing the issues of asylum and migration.”
The elected national bodies and peoples’ representatives “have to contribute to raising awareness and defining appropriate means to strengthen the international migrant and refugee reception system,” he added.
“Illegal migration constitutes a threat for the current global refugee and migrants reception system, hence the need to strengthen it with due regard to human rights and the rights of legal refugees and migrants,” stresses Bensalah.
In this respect, “Algeria calls for an approach based on preventive measures and the promotion of coordination and solidarity, and a balance in sharing responsibilities and costs between home, transit and destination countries,” said the Upper House’s speaker.
He also recalled the human tragedy caused by illegal migration and the alarming high number of lives lost among migrants while crossing deserts and seas.
“Algeria, owing to its geographical position, is a home, transit and destination country, facing a large influx of migrants and refugees,” said Bensalah, adding that it has adopted a “policy taking into consideration human aspects, ensuring the respect of international conventions and encouraging coordination and cooperation with the countries concerned by the issues of migration and refugees.”
“Algeria is fully aware of all the aspects related to humanitarian situations as a destination country,” he said, underlining “its cooperation with all human rights mechanisms and its commitments to international and regional treaties.”
“Algeria is convinced that in order to effectively addressing the issues of migration and asylum requires the achievement of sustainable development, social prosperity, employment and peace, in accordance with targets of the Millennium Development Goals,” stressed Bensalah.
He added that the “achievement of these objectives requires further cooperation and coordination regarding the present security threats, especially the fight against terrorism and cross-border organized crime.”
“Algeria, which deeply believes that the international law is the main reference for the resolution of conflicts, calls for the settlement of regional and international conflicts,” said the Upper House’s speaker.
In this regard, he underlined the need to accelerate the resolution of the Western Sahara conflict, in accordance with the international law.”
As regards the Palestinian cause, Bensalah underlined “Algeria’s rejection of any change of the legal status of the holy city of Al Quds,” and reiterated “its unwavering support to the legitimate rights of Palestinian people to establish their independent State with Al Quds as its capital.”
As for the situation in Libya, Syria and Yemen, he said that Algeria calls to step up efforts “in favour of a political settlement of crises in those countries.”

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