My visit to Algeria marks firm friendship ties

APS : Friday, 16 October 2020

ALGIERS- French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian said Thursday, in Algiers, that his working visit to Algeria marks “the firm ties of friendship” between Algeria and France, pointing out that “the two countries need each other.”

“Our two countries need each other and our consultations remain essential on issues of common interest,” Le Drian told the press following the audience granted to him by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

“I come to Algiers to mark the firmness of friendship ties between our two countries. For France, Algeria is a leading partner because of the human ties that unite us across the Mediterranean,” he said, adding that “our relation is rich and multiple, notably in terms of human, educational, scientific exchanges, economic cooperation, security stakes as well as regional issues.”

Recalling that he is on his third visit to Algeria this year, French Foreign minister said he is satisfied to notice that the bilateral relations are experiencing a fresh impetus.

French President Emmanuel Macron initiated as from 2017 “a clear procedure on the history of colonization and Algeria’s War,” he said, underlining that it was proven through his acts like the recent restitution by Algeria the skulls of Algerian combatants conserved at the Museum of Men.”

While broaching the referendum on the Constitution amendment, scheduled for 1st November, Le Drian said that “France hopes success and prosperity to this friendly country with full respect for its sovereignty.”

Concerning the economic stakes in the bilateral cooperation, Le Drian said that “there are many French companies in Algeria and they contribute to the economic momentum and job creation,” welcoming also the reforms initiated by President Tebboune to “diversify the Algerian economy, to make procedures more flexible and accompany innovative companies.”

While broaching the regional crises, Le Drian affirmed that “Algeria is key partner for France,” underlining that it is “a balance power which privileges the political settlement of conflicts in a multilateral framework.”

Speaking about the Libyan crisis, he said that “France considers, like Algeria, that there is no military solution and supports the political dialogue between all the Libyan parties under the aegis of the United Nations.”

Concerning the situation in Mali, Le Drian said that “France welcomed, like Algeria, the implementation of a transition which must lead to open, free and transparent elections and the restoration of the constitutional order.”

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