Messahel's trip to Arab countries, "very useful"

ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said Sunday in Algiers the trip he made recently to many Arab countries, under the instruction of the president of the Republic, has been “very useful” as it has allowed to conclude agreements for the launch of joint commissions exclusively devoted to economic issues.”
“My trip has been very useful and our message well understood,” Messahel said at a meeting with reporters about the trip, adding that he noticed at the leaders of Arab countries a “will” to boost relations through consultation and dialogue to face the challenges confronting the region.
“We have expressed our view about the Arab League and we have insisted on the need for it to be more efficient in the face of the different crises shaking the Arab world,” he stressed.
Messahel called for the pan-Arab organization to “adapt to the political and geostrategic changes in the region.”
On the same occasion, Messahel said that the leaders of the Arab countries he met during his tour expressed “their interest in benefiting from the Algerian experience in the fight against terrorism,” adding that “Algeria is perceived as a school in terms of the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.”
On the other hand, he added that on the occasion of this tour, they agreed on the establishment of joint commission exclusively dedicated to economic cooperation with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and Egypt.
Replying to questions of journalists on the crisis in the Gulf, the minister recalled that “the Algerian diplomacy is equidistant between all the parties in conflict and that it favours the principle of non-interference,” adding that his tour to the Arab countries “is not in the framework of an Algerian initiative aimed at resolving this crisis.”
He said, in this regard, that Algeria is “the first country to call for a solution based on dialogue.”

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