Messahel stresses President Bouteflika's paramount interest in national community abroad

ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel met Sunday in Zaghreb the members of the Algerian community in Croatia, on the sidelines of an official visit to this country, the ministry said in a statement.
Messahel discussed with the members of the Algerian community in Croatia the role they may play in national development and their contribution to Algeria’s cultural influence.
Messahel emphasized the special interest President of the Republic Abdelaziz attaches to the national community abroad, stressing the “decisions the head of States has taken in this respect.”
The Foreign minister tackled, in the meeting with the Algerian community in Croatia, “the reforms and measures taken by Algerian government in the building of the rule of law and the socio-economic development,” an effort to which the national community abroad may bring a “precious contribution.”
The members of the Algerian community, for their part, expressed “satisfaction” with the decisions taken to address their concerns.
They also expressed their attachment to their country of origin, Algeria, and their commitment to contributing to its development.

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