Messahel reiterates Algeria’s commitment to international fight against terrorism, violent extremism

PARIS- Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkaer Messahel reiterated Wednesday, in Paris, Algeria’s full commitment to the international fight against terrorism and violent extremism.
“This commitment is expressed at the bilateral, regional and international levels, within the United Nations, the Global Counterterrorism Forum, the African Union which entrusted to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika the mission of coordinator for the prevention from radicalization and the fight against terrorism in Africa, as well as in all the fora of which Algeria is a member,” said the minister in a conference under the theme “Against Terrorism and extremism, de-radicalization: The Algerian experience” that he presented at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).
This commitment, he added, is also expressed by the organization, in Algiers, of several international conferences on the various dimensions of counterterrorism, “ in a spirit of sharing and solidarity,” citing in this regard the high-level Conference on terrorism funding organized jointly with the African Union, held Monday and Tuesday in Algiers.
“This position is based on the desire of my country that other peoples would never experience the horrors that our own people endured because of violent extremism and terrorism,” he pointed out, adding that “it is in this spirit of solidarity that my country, Algeria, initiated, at the level of the United Nations General Assembly, the Resolution 72/130, which makes from 16 May the International Day of Living Together in Peace.”
The minister seized the opportunity to call on organizations and individuals to celebrate this day and “mark out commitment to the values of dialogue, reconciliation and living together in peace.”

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