Messahel partakes, in Cairo, in meeting of Arab Peace Initiative Committee

APS : Sunday, 10 December 2017
CAIRO (Egypt)- The Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel partook Saturday, in Cairo (Egypt), in the Arab Peace Initiative Committee, held in prelude to the extraordinary session of the Arab League Council on the situation in Palestine.
This meeting included the participation of the Foreign Ministers of 15 State members of the Committee and the Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Abu El Ghait.
The exchanges between the ministers focused on the ways to face the situation arising from the decision of the Trump administration to recognize Al Quds as the capital of Israel and on the consequences of such a decision on the peace and stability process in the region.
In this regard, the ministers underlined their attachment to the Palestinian cause as the main Arab cause, while reminding their position supporting the Palestinian people, and their just cause to establish their independent State within the 1967 borders, in conformity with the international laws and the relevant decisions.
Messahel reiterated Algeria’s support to the Palestinian people and its legitimate right to establish its independent State, with Al Quds as a capital. Furthermore, he called for a reaction up to the challenges of the latest developments of the situation in Palestine.
The Arab Peace Initiative Committee was established in 2002, during the Arab Summit 2002 with the goal to advance the peace process in the region and to federate support to the Palestinian cause.

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