Messahel discusses with members of Danish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee

APS : Thursday, 10 January 2019
COPENHAGEN- Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelakder Messahel held Thursday, in Copenhagen,
talks with a delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Danish Parliament, chaired by Espersen Soren, as part of his official visit to Denmark.
The talks focused on the relations between the two countries and the contribution of the two countries’ parliaments to further strengthen them.
The two sides also exchanged views and analyses on several topical issues as well as the two countries’ foreign policies.
In this regard, Messahel underlined Algeria’s foreign policy based on the non-interference in the State’s domestic affairs and the ownership of the settlement process by the parties.
He also presented the Algerian experience in the fight against terrorism and de-radicalization, an experience that allowed Algeria to put an end to the national tragedy and relaunch the country’s socio-economic development and preserve its stability.
In this regard, he said that the de-radicalization policy conducted by Algeria is based on four pillars, namely the revitalization of moderate authentic Islam, the reforms of education, communication and justice reform.

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