Messahel: Algeria’s voice became since independence "credible, respected, listened and sought"

APS : Tuesday, 09 October 2018
ALGIERS- The voice of Algeria, which regained its freedom, became since independence a “credible, respected, listened and sought” voice, said Monday in Algiers Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel.
“The voice of Algeria, which regained its full rights, affirmed itself, during 56 years of independence, as a “credible, respected, listened and sought” voice, he said in a speech on the occasion of the Algerian Diplomacy Day.
In this regard, Abdelkader Messahel added that the Algerian diplomacy recorded “many achievements” in terms of the struggle for peoples’ right to self-determination, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, dialogue and negotiation, the promotion of human rights and the fundamental liberties, the establishment of an international economic order and more just and fairer relations of cooperation and the fight against modern-age scourges such as violent extremism and terrorism.
The Algerian top diplomat recalled that Algiers was named the “Mecca of the revolutionaries”, in recognition of its active support and commitment to the defense of the peoples struggling for the exercise their legitimate and inalienable rights to self-determination.
As proofs, Messahel mentioned Algeria’s “firm and determined” support to the peoples of Western Sahara and Palestine, stressing that the cause of peace has “successfully” mobilized the efforts and the resources of the Algerian diplomacy leading to “the happy outcome of a large number of conflict situations in which its contribution was requested.”

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