MEP calls on EU to support Algeria in its stabilization role

APS : Tuesday, 05 January 2016
BRUSSELS – Member of the European Parliament (EP) Charles Tannock called on the European Union (EU) to put more emphasis on security and migration, and greater flexibility in its relations with Algeria that must be supported as part of the revised European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in view of its role in stabilizing the region.
The European deputy cited migration and security as the main challenges the EU and its neighbor, Algeria, are facing urgently in a contribution entitled “It is time to abandon the uniform approach in the relations between the European Union and Algeria, “published in the online journal” the Parliament” in its issue of January 4, 2016.
“Algeria is a vast and important trade partner, geographically close, with a stable policy in the region that must be supported and seen as a partner in the fight against terrorism, illegal immigration and organized crime, including human trafficking,” he pleaded.
Advocating a strengthening of the Algerian-European cooperation, particularly in terms of security, this MEP, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, said that “Algeria is in strong position to play a significant role in the activities of against-terrorism and intelligence gathering in the area”.

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