The first round of Inter-Libyan Dialogue on 10 and11 March 2015 in Algiers culminated in the signature of the Algiers Declaration

Dialogue inter libyen a Alger
The first round of Inter-Libyan Dialogue on 10 and 11 March 2015 in Algiers under the auspices of Algeria and the United Nations culminated in the signature of the Algiers Declaration.
By signing this declaration that marked the culmination of the direct talks between them within the framework of inter-Libyan dialogue, the leaders of political parties and influential figures on the Libyan political stage declared their commitment to respect the political process and inclusive dialogue aimed at resolving the crisis in their country.
This meeting was preceded by a series of yearlong negotiations that Algeria led to enable influential Libyan stakeholders to lay the foundations of a serious and fruitful dialogue in order to reach a final and lasting solution to the crisis in this neighbouring country.
Several member of the international community, namely the United Nations, the African Union, the European Commission, and the European Parliament expressed their deep gratitude and recognition to Algeria for having hosted this dialogue and provided constant support  to the efforts to  aimed to restoring peace and stability in this country and hence in the whole region.
Meeting of Libyan Political Parties, Political Activists Convenes in Algeria
Algiers, Algeria – 11 March 2015 – Algeria has graciously hosted a meeting of a number of leaders of Libyan political parties and political personalities. The meeting convened in the capital of Algiers on Tuesday and Wednesday 10 and 11 March 2015.
Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Bernardino Leon, briefed the participants on the Libyan political dialogue process, providing an overview on its progress and the challenges it faces. Noting the backing of the different Libyan stakeholders, and the wide public support for a political solution to end the crisis, in addition to the clear support of the international community, including that of neighboring states, Mr. Leon reiterated the resolve of the United Nations to continue the dialogue until it reaches positive outcomes.

  1. The participants affirmed the pledge to protect the national and territorial unity, sovereignty and independence of Libya, as well as its full control over its international borders, and the rejection of all forms of foreign interference.
  2. The participants also confirmed the need to commit to the principles of the 17 February Revolution, which are elaborated in the Constitutional Declaration, and which are based on justice, respect for human rights and the building of the state of law and institutions.
  3. Moreover, the participants underlined their commitment to the political process, which is based on the principles of democracy and the peaceful transfer of power.
  4. During the meeting, the participants provided constructive and positive suggestions and ideas on the dialogue path and outcomes; they also expressed their full conviction that a political solution can be reached through the support of the leadership to this process..
  5. The participants stressed their full support for the different tracks of the dialogue and their genuine intent on achieving success as soon as possible to reach an agreement on: a consensual government that comprises competent persons; security arrangements that guarantee a permanent ceasefire and the withdrawal of armed formations from all Libyan cities; the development of a timetable for the collection of weapons with clear monitoring and implementation mechanisms; and the dissolution of armed formations through clear plans that aim for the demobilization, integration and rehabilitation of their recruits.
  6. In addition, the Participants stressed their full commitment to the reorganization and building of armed forces, police and security bodies, who shall protect the citizens and safeguard the national territory..
  7. They also expressed great concern about the deteriorating security situation in the country and increasing terrorist acts, which pose a serious danger to Libya’s security and stability, as well as its national unity and social cohesion, and to its neighboring states. They stressed the need for concerted efforts to combat all forms and manifestations of terrorism, regardless of its motives, as represented by Ansar al-Sharia, Daesh and Al-Qaida before it expands in such a way that it would become difficult to eradicate. A political solution that puts an end to division and chaos shall greatly contribute to the efforts that aim to combat terrorism and prevent it from spreading.
  8. The Participants also asserted their condemnation of all attacks against civilians and civilian installations, as well as any other actions that contradict with the international law..
  9. The participants asserted their resolve to send a strong, clear and unified message on their full commitment to the dialogue as the only solution for the crisis in Libya, refusal to resort to violence to settle political differences, full rejection of all types of military escalation, and their call for an immediate cessation of military operations to enable the dialogue to continue in a conducive environment. They also affirmed the need to protect civilians and avoid targeting them..
  10. The participants also emphasized the important role that they can play in lobbying the necessary support on all levels to achieve success for the dialogue. Moreover, the participants stressed that the interest of Libya necessitates that all should show enough responsibility and flexibility to resolve the current crisis. They committed to exerting efforts in this regard..
  11. They also affirmed the necessity to continue meeting in this track, which is a part of the Libyan political dialogue for more consultation and coordination and to provide the necessary support for the success of the dialogue.

Finally, UNSMIL and the participants expressed deep gratitude to Algeria for hosting the meeting and for the continuous support it has provided to the efforts to bring peace to Libya.

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