Medelci presents in Cyprus Justice, Constitutional Council independence in Algeria

APS : Tuesday, 04 April 2017
ALGIERS – President of the Constitutional Council Mourad Medelci gave a lecture on the independence of Justice and the Constitutional Council in Algeria, during the 5th inter-cultural workshop on democracy held in Nicosia (Cyprus),
said Tuesday a communiqué of the Council.
Medelci highlighted “the guarantees of justice independence and of the Constitutional Council, under the amended Constitution in 2016 which clearly consolidated the Council and enlarged its components, with a balanced representation from the three powers, in addition to the revision of the eligibility conditions and the consolidation of the judicial immunity of its members.”
He also pointed out the importance of enlarging the referral to the parliamentary minority and the litigants, through the unconstitutionality exception.
Concerning the workshop theme, Medelci broached the relation between the Constitutional Council and the judicial power “which will be reinforced by the application of the unconstitutionality exception in conformity with the Article 188 of the Constitution.”
“All those measures will further reinforce the relationship between the constitutional justice and the ordinary justice, and contribute to consolidation of the Rule of Law and the democracy in our country.”
Organized by the European Commission for Democracy through Law – better known as the Venice Commission, in collaboration with Cyprus Foreign Ministry, the inter-cultural workshop on democracy was held on 3-4 April.

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