Malian refugees: Humanitarian aid shipped from Algeria arrives to Nouakchott

NOUAKCHOTT (Algeria)- Humanitarian aid shipped from Algeria arrived Tuesday in Nouakshott, Mauritania, to be transferred to the Malian refugee camps of Mbera, in the region of Bassikounou,
as part of a humanitarian action at the initiative of the Fusion and Liaison Unit (UFL), which is made up of African Sahel countries.
The aid includes “large quantities of medicine, medical equipment and foodstuffs in support of Malian refugees of Mbera camps on the Mauritanian-Malian border region of bassikounou,” the representative of the UFL said.
The UFL is behind “more than 20 humanitarian caravans between 2012 and 2018 for refugees from Mali and Niger living in camps in Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger.”
The Algerian Red Crescent and representatives of media outlets from the UFL member countries are taking part in the humanitarian aid caravan.
The humanitarian action is meant to boost UFL solidarity and good initiatives and encourage civil society members in the Sahel region to undertake such efforts.
Refugee camps of Mbera, located more than 1200 km east of Nouakchott, host over 50,000 refugees from various Malian regions.

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