Libyan MPs hail Algeria's "active" role in favour of political solution to crisis in Libya

APS : Monday, 16 January 2017
ALGIERS-Members of the Libyan parliamentary delegation hailed Monday in Algiers “Algeria’s active and permanent”
role in favour of a political solution to the Libyan crisis part of the Agreement inked on 17 December 2015,” the Council of the Nation (Upper House of Parliament) announced in a communiqué.
Head of the Parliamentary Group of the Upper House’s Presidential Tiers Group Hachemi Djiar received the Libyan parliamentary delegation on visit to Algeria, said the source.
“The meeting was an opportunity for Djiar to reaffirm Algeria’s position regarding the Libyan crisis and recall the efforts Algeria tirelessly makes to end the crisis in Libya, without any interference in the internal affairs of this brotherly and neighbour country,” added the source.
This meeting “is part of the visits and meetings held by many Libyan MPs including Speaker of the Libyan parliament Salah Akila,” concluded the source.

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