Libya welcomes Algeria’s commitment to reviving Arab Maghreb Union’s institutions

APS : Sunday, 02 December 2018
TRIPOLI- Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomed Saturday “Algeria’s commitment to reviving the institutions and bodies of the Arab Maghreb Union,”
a revival that will contribute to the advance of the Union and achievement of its objectives aimed at strengthening and reviving the joint Maghreb action for the benefit of the region’s peoples.
“Libyan Foreign minister welcomed the communiqué of the secretariat general of the Arab Maghreb Union concerning Algeria’s proposal who called to take all the necessary measures for the holding, as soon as possible, of the meeting of Maghreb Foreign ministers,” according to the Libyan website “Bawabat Alwassat.”
He also supported the holding of this ministerial meeting shortly, underscoring that the positive climate and the privileged bilateral relations between the Union’s countries, translated in the constructive statements and the consensus of views on the Union’s future, will constitute an essential factor for the success of this ministerial meeting.”
Algeria called officially the Union’s Secretary general to organize as soon as possible a meeting of the Union’s Council of Foreign ministers, an initiative that “is in line with Algeria’s firm conviction on the need to revive the building of the Maghreb and its authorities.”

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