International Development – Pipelines

At the international level, the development of transport by pipelines is reinforced by three projects:


MEDGAS Project

With a capacity of 8 billion m3 per year linking Beni Saf (Algeria) to Almeria (Spain) in partnership between SONATRACH (36%), CEPSA (20%), IBERDROLA (20%), GDF (12%), ENDESA(12%).

Works achieved at the end 2008:

Installation of 210 km of the submarine gas pipeline Medgaz;

Achievement of the installation of 3 turbo-compressors at the level of Beni Saf Compression

Starting hydrostatic tests in relation with the gas pipeline.

Works to be achieved:

In Algeria: Assembling of the Beni Saf Compression Station,

In Spain: Arrival Terminal at Almeria.

Medgaz commissioning is expected by January 2010.

GALSI Project

Linking Algeria to Italy via Sardinia in order to transport 8 billion m3 per year, in partnership between Sonatrach (36%), EDISON (18%), ENEL (13.5%), WINTERSHALL (13.5%), HERA (9%), PROGEMISA (5%), SFIRS (5%).

Total length of Galsi gas pipeline is 860 km. It is composed of two sections:

Offshore Section: 560 km Onshore Section

– Algeria-Sardinia: 285 km – Sardinia: 300 km

– Sardinia-Italy: 275 km

The achievement of this project is expected by 2012.

TSGP Project

Linking Algeria to Nigeria along 4200 km. Its feasibility study was undertaken by the British design office PENSPEN/IPA. The transport capacity of this pipeline will be of 25 billion m3/year. It is expected to be achieved by 2015.

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