International Day of Living Together in Peace: Algeria’s proposal stems from tolerance principles

APS : MONDAY 14 MAY 2018
ALGIERS-Culture Minister Azzedine Mihoubi affirmed that Algeria’s proposal on the “International Day of Living Together in Peace”, adopted in last December by the United Nations Assembly General,
stems from its high and constant sense of defence of tolerance principles, even in the hardest times it went through.
Speaking at the Algerian Radio Forum, Mihoubi referred to the concept of the International Day of Living Together in Peace celebrated on 16 May each year, recalling that it is the culmination of Algeria’s efforts to promote peace and acceptance of others based on its high and constant sense of defence of tolerance principles.
Affirming that this humanitarian principle is deeply rooted in Algeria through its major historical steps, the minister highlighted the key role of Zaouia in the preservation of the principles and values of society, based on tolerance.
“No one can deny the key role of institutions in the preservation of social cohesion as well as the national cultural and historical heritage because they counter the ideas certain sects try to spread,” he continued.
As for the programme drawn up the ministry, like other ministries, for the celebration of this International Day, Mihoubi stated instructions were given to theatres and culture clubs to prepare programmes in line with event’s goal.
In this regard, the minister announced the release tomorrow of a video-clip song performed by a host of Algerian artists advocating acceptance of others in Arabic and Amazigh languages.

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