Installation of Algeria-Sudan parliamentary friendship group

APS : Thursday, 14 February 2019
ALGIERS- Algerian-Sudan parliamentary friendship group has been established at the People’s National Assembly, under the supervision of the head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Community Abroad Abdelhamid
Si Afif and in the presence of Sudanese ambassador to Algiers Elabeid Mohamed Elabeid and a representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Thursday a communiqué of the Parliament’s Lower House.
Speaking on this occasion, Si Affif said that the relations between the two countries are marked by “solidarity,” underlining the two countries’ convergence of views concerning several regional and international issues, notably the approach on the solution to the Libyan crisis, the fight against terrorism and the joint Arab action.
In this regard, he underlined Algeria’s role in the last meeting of the Arab Parliament, which presented a motion on the withdrawal of Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, broaching, thereby, its position in favor of Sudan concerning the conflict in Darfur.
In this respect, Si Affif affirmed that President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika worked, alongside Sudanese President Omar Hassan El-Bechir, to establish a strong basis of cooperation and coordination between the two countries, allowing the adoption of several mechanisms, like the inter-ministerial committee and political consultation mechanism, stressing the need to meet the challenge of strengthening cooperation in the economic field.
For his part, Sudanese ambassador said that the relations between the two brotherly countries are “strong,” underlining the importance of the parliamentary friendship committees in the consolidation of parliamentary relations between the two countries and peoples.
Head of Algeria-Sudan parliamentary friendship group Nadji Temrabet welcomed the level of the strong historic relations between the two countries, calling for the revival of the parliamentary diplomacy to strengthen the ties between the two brotherly countries.

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