Installation of Algeria-Argentina Friendship Parliamentary Group

APS : Wednesday, 26 December 2018
ALGIERS- An Algeria-Argentina Friendship Parliamentary Group was installed Wednesday at the headquarters of the National People’s Assembly (Lower House) with the aim of exchanging experiences and developing joint action,
said a statement from the Lower House.
The installation ceremony was chaired by Abdelhamid Si Affif, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and National Community Abroad, in the presence of Ruben Buira, Argentina’s ambassador to Algiers, the president of the Algeria-Argentina friendship parliamentary group and a representative of the Foreign Ministry.
Speaking on this occasion, Si Affif praised the historic relations that bind the two countries and reaffirmed “Algeria’s commitment to raising bilateral relations to a level of fruitful cooperation that serves the interests of both countries in various domains, recalling the “important” consultations conducted by the two leaders in 2005 during the Arab-Latin America Summit
President of Argentina has paid a state visit to Algeria in 2008, sanctioned by the signing of cooperation agreements in the nuclear, communication and health fields.
In the parliamentary field, Si Affif emphasized the parliamentary friendship groups’ role in “promoting cooperation and creating more opportunities for rapprochement, especially on the questions of common interest”, stating that “Algeria now, following the revision of the Constitution initiated by the President of the Republic in 2016, gives great interest to parliamentary diplomacy as an alternative tool to official diplomacy”.
The Argentine diplomat expressed his admiration of the Algerian diplomatic experience, praising “the diversity and wealth of resources available to Algeria in several areas,” proposing the establishment of “an action plan by the Algeria-Argentina parliamentary group of friendship for the exchange of experiences and the development of joint action.”

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