Increase in the number of foreign companies and traders established in Algeria

The total number of foreign companies and traders operating in Algeria reached 6,454 operators in 2008 compared to 5,386 in 2007, according to the data from the National Trade Register Centre (CNRC).

The total number of foreign operators registered on the Trade Register at the end of 2008 was divided between 1,468 natural persons and 4,986 legal entities, of which 127 are branches, indicates a report from this centre on the creations of companies in Algeria. Concerning the natural persons, the most extensive nationalities are Tunisian (35.08%), Moroccan (27.04%), Syrian (12.13%) and Chinese (6.88%).

According to the CNRC, the total number of nationalities of the foreign traders (natural persons) based in Algeria is 36. With regards legal entities, the most extensive nationalities of the owners, directors or chairmen of the board are French (19.17%), Syrian (12.64%), Chinese (11.37%) and Egyptian (7.88%).

The number of nationalities of foreign companies based in Algeria is 74. The comparison by industrial sector shows that the foreign economic operators (companies) are registered 30% in industrial production and building and public works, 29% in services and 25.2% in import-export. However, 72% of foreign traders (natural persons) are registered mostly in the retail trade sectors compared to 17% in services.

Furthermore, the foreign economic operators are registered 30% in industrial production and building and public works, whereas 29% of these operators work in services and 25% are recorded in import-export. In addition, the document of the CNRC also gives a 2008 report of the registrations on the Trade Register of all Algerian and foreign companies. Hence, in total, 139,441 registrations or creations of new companies were recorded during 2008 compared to 134,676 in 2007, i.e. a 3.5% increase. These concern 125,989 natural persons (88.1%) and 13,452 legal entities or companies (11.9%). Out of the 13,452 newly created or registered companies, the CNRC reveals that 30.85% of these economic entities work in import-export, 27.93% in services, whereas 25.73% work in industry/building and public works.

This report, notes the same source, takes stock of the economic fabric in Algeria up to the end of 2008 and also provides information on all the activities subject to registration on the Trade Register, with the exception of the liberal professions, arts and crafts and farming activities. With regards the activities that were the most solicited in the past year, the CNRC notes that more than 93% of these activities were dominated by three niches. These are, in first place, the retail trade (44.37%), services (37.48%) and building and public works-Industry (16.38%). The remainder is comprised of wholesale trade and arts and crafts production respectively at 3.55% and 0.22%. With regards the geographic breakdown of the registrations on the Trade Register over the national territory, the CNRC emphasises that the centre of the country is in first place, with 37.8% of the national total, followed by the East region with 31.8%.

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