Inclusive dialogue and political solution, only framework for Libyan crisis settlement

APS : Saturday, 19 November 2016
ALGIERS- Minister of Maghreb Minister, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel said that the inclusive dialogue and the political solution are the only framework likely to help settle the Libyan crisis,
stressing that the “political agreement is the only solid foundation which still exists in the hands of Libyans in that crucial moment.”
In a statement to the press Saturday following his meeting with president of Libyan party “El Taghyeer” (Change) and member of the commission of the Libyan National Dialogue Guma El-Gamaty, Messahel said that “the legitimacy of the deputies council, which term ended last October and the legitimacy of the Libyan Presidential Council are resulted from the political agreement backed by the UN, notably in the Security Council Resolution 2295.”
Messahel said that he and El Gamaty discussed the developments of the Libyan national dialogue after Malta meeting and the coming steps for the application of the political agreement in Libya.
Concerning the visit of the Libyan official to Algeria, the Minister said it is part of the constant contacts with all the Libyan parties in the eastern and southern regions of Libya.
He recalled that the previous and future visits of the Libyan officials to Algeria which aim at combining the forces and allowing the concerned parties to have their say. Messahel said that the solution “must remain in the hands of Libyans, as they have the capacities to reach this goal.”
Messahel and El-Gamaty underlined the existing coordination between Algeria and Libya within the international for at the African, Sahel and UN levels.
After affirming Algeria’s attachment to the return of peace and stability in Libya, Messahel expressed hope that the national unity government will be soon established as soon as possible, due to the extremely difficult situation which prevails in this country, facing security problems and terrorism in the absence of a government and institutions.
Messahel also mentioned the “economic problems, adding that the establishment of a government would accommodate the needs of the Libyan people, recalling the support of the neighboring countries and the international community to the political process in Libya. In this regard, he added that all the parties have the “same agenda, namely the implementation of the political agreement and the support for the Government and the Presidential Council, recognized as only and legitimate representative of Libya.”

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