IMF shares same assessment diagnosis of Algerian economy as public authorities

ALGIERS- The International Monetary Fund (IMF) shares the same assessment diagnosis of the Algerian economy as the public authorities, as well as the objectives that they set for its adjustment and transformation,
affirmed Monday, in Algiers, a top official of this international institution.
Speaking in a press conference at the end of his visit to Algeria, leading a delegation of experts, the IMF Mission Chief for Algeria Jean-François Dauphin said that “his institution shares the same diagnosis implemented by the Algerian authorities (concerning the national economy) and also this double objective of economic adjustment and transformation with the willingness to see how to reach this transformation as smoothly as possible.”
Dauphin, who is also head of the Maghreb Division of the Middle East and Central Asia Department of the International Monetary Fund, said that his institution shares also the vision of the Algerian public authorities aimed at basing the adjustment and transformation of the Algerian economy on two pillars: “the first on the stabilization of the public finances and the second on the structural reforms.”
According to him, there are also “many common points” between the visions of IMF and those of the Algerian State on the nature of the constraints relating to the investment and development of the private sector and thus the fields requiring reform.
In this regard, he affirmed that IMF supports the efforts of the Algerian public authorities for the reduction of these constraints by improving the environment of companies, notably through the simplification of the administrative procedures, the improvement of the governance conditions, for more transparency, as well as the encouragement of the digital administration.

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