Illegal migration: Algeria makes no concession on security, border protection

APS : Monday, 17 December 2018
ALGIERS- Algeria will make “no concession” in terms of security and border protection, in the fight against illegal migration, as relevant flows have been marked by “redeployment” and “exfiltration”
of former terrorists coming from conflict zones, an official at the ministry of the Interior said Monday in Algiers.
Speaking to Algerian radio Channel 3, the coordinator of the operational centre for migrants at the Interior ministry, Hassan Kacimi, said Algeria “will make no concession in security and the protection of its borders as part of the fight against illegal migration.”
The speaker deplored the “arrival of a quite large number of migrants from areas of conflict, through which there is redeployment and exfiltration of former terrorists.”
Elaboration on illegal migrants making the trip from sub-Saharan Africa to Algeria, and Arab migrants coming from Syria, Yemen and Palestine, Kacimi said it is a “new phenomenon.”
Those migrants “use roads supervised by terrorist groups.”
The Algerian Army “intercepts, on the road network, migrants and former terrorists coming from the Sahel region, which is a matter of concern that must be addressed,” he said.
There is a need to “find a balance between security and human challenges in dealing with the illegal migration issue.”

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