ICDO awards medal of knight to Algerian Civil Protection

APS :Monday, 04 March 2019
M’SILA (Algeria)- The International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) has awarded the medal of the knight to Algerian Civil Protection in tribute of its “professionalism” in pulling the body of Ayache Mahdjoubi out of the artesian well in which he was stuck, last January,
in Houamed, province of M’sila (248-km southeast of Algiers),Colonel Bachi Merzak, the local manager of the Civil Protection, said.
In a ceremony held Sunday at the main unit of M’sila, the official said “the medal is a reward for the professionalism of the Civil Protection, who have been very methodical.”
The International Civil Defence Organization asked from the Algerian Civil Protection a report on the way they pulled Ayache (the artesian well’s victim) out of the well to adopt it as a rescuing method in similar situations, the source said.
Ninety-four Civil Protection officers have been promoted and a number of the body’s workers received distinctions for their participation in Ayache Mahdjoubi operation.

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