Healthcare Statistics

Healthcare facilities: 7685
Practitioners: 80 000
Total staff depending on the Ministry of Health: 272 000
Algeria has a National Pharmaceutical Control Laboratory designated as reference laboratory for Africa and the Middle East.


Year 1962 2012
Life expectancy 47 years 76 years
Immunization ratio 10% 98%
Mortality rate 171/1000 21/1000
Healthcare insurance coverage 22 m

Healthcare budget:

Year 2006 2011 2012
Budget 60 bn DZ 220 bn DZ 455 bn DZ

Anticancer policies:
In 2011, an Anticancer Fund totaling 60 bn DZ was created to meet the needs of cancer patients whose number increases every year. Part of the funds comes from tobacco and liquor taxes. There will be 22 anticancer centers by 2014.
Drug industry and cooperation:
By diversifying its partners and suppliers, Algeria was able to reduce its dependency on a single country (France) from 71 percent in 2007 to 52 percent at present.
Also, Algeria is trying to diversify and encourage foreign investment. In 18 months, the total amount of foreign investment reached 385 Million $, the most recent case being that of an Emirate company which plans to establish a joint venture for the production of infusion solutions. Currently, local production covers only a third of the overall needs. This partnership will help Algeria fill the gap and become autonomous from foreign supplies of for this type of product.
(Source: An interview given by Mr. Djamel Ould Abbès, Minister of Health, Population, and Hospital Reform on May 25th; 2012)

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