Petrochemistry development: Several partnership projects under negotiations

APS : Friday, 25 January 2019
ORAN- Several partnership projects as part of the development of petrochemistry are under negotiations, said Minister of Energy Mustapha Guitouni on Thursday, in Oran.
Speaking on the sidelines of his visit to Oran, the minister said that “several projects in petrochemistry will be launched as part of partnership for which we are negotiating,” affirming Algeria’s resort to the development of petrochemistry instead of exporting its raw gas.
Mustapha Guitouni said that exporting butane gas towards Tunisia is significantly increasing, adding that exporting electricity is also a reality.
Algeria “is preparing to export electricity,” affirmed the minister without determining the deadline for this operation, adding that “discussions are underway with potential clients.”
In a reply to the questions of journalists, and while broaching the role of Algeria in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Mustapha Guitouni said that “our country is one of the founders of this organization.”

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