Messahel highlights in Madrid Algeria's experience in fight against violent extremism, d-radicalization

MADRID-Minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel presented Tuesday in Madrid outlines of the Algerian experience in the fight against violent extremism and de-radicalization.
Messahel stressed in his address to the special Ministerial meeting of the Committee against the UN terrorism on the flow of foreign fighters terrorists, the Algerian experience was based on maintaining a high level of mobilization and vigilance of the armed forces and security services in their institutional mission of protecting public order and safety of persons and property.
Besides, Messahel chaired on this occasion a large delegation comprising the Director General of National Security, Major General Abdelghani Hamel, and representatives of several ministries.
He also outlined the implementation of a comprehensive policy of de-radicalization combining political, economic, social, cultural and religious measures, involving all the institutions and citizens, as well as significant resources of the nation.
This meeting was an opportunity for Messahel to present the results of the last Algiers conference on the fight against violent extremism and the d-radicalization, noting the consensus reached on the need to focus integrated approaches and the need to move towards for long-term preventive policies.
During his speech, Messahel stressed the extent of foreign fighters and the need for the international community to take preventive measures at national, bilateral and multilateral levels and operational mechanisms to be up to fight against this scourge.
Messahel reiterated the availability of Algeria to continue to cooperate and share its experience with its foreign partners.
“The scale of the phenomenon of foreign fighters, the growing number of recruits and the growing number of countries, have reached during recent months, an unprecedented level. We should therefore better analyze the speech that encourages young recruits to join the ranks of terrorist groups, “he said.
Algeria’s pioneering experience
In this context, Messahel highlighted the pioneering experience of Algeria in the field of d-radicalization.
“This de-radicalization strategy advocated by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika was successful after the implementation of Charter provisions on national reconciliation that gave a solid foundation for the reintegration of repentant terrorists and those who have served their sentence,” he mentioned.
He added that this mobilization “was conclusive and the small number of Algerians counted in the ranks of foreign fighters illustrates the validity of this approach.”

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