Major general Hamel in Tunis emphasizes need to cope with crime upsurge in Arab countries

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 14:24
TUNIS-Director General of National Security, Major General Abdelghani Hamel stressed Wednesday in Tunis the need to cope with the upsurge of crime in Arab countries, including the terrorist acts that have taken “serious proportions” with the multiplication of funding sources collected from ransoms and drug trafficking.
In his opening address of the 39th conference of Arab police and security officials (Algeria chairs proceedings of the 32nd session of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers (CMAI), Major General Hamel emphasized that funds from ransoms and drug trafficking are devoted to “equipping terrorists and organized criminal groups with arms, recruitment of new elements and reintegration of combatants returning from areas of armed conflicts.”
The meeting is “another step” taken in the fight against these crimes “with determination and firmness, the consolidation of our common security action and its foundations”, expressing “intention and sincere desire to discuss the security challenges the Arab region is facing.”
In this context, Major general Hamel said that the fight against organized crime, including terrorism-related cross-border criminal groups and traffickers, particularly arms traffickers, “requires increased efforts at the Arab and national levels,” adding that “strengthening the exchange of information about these groups is now vital to identify and restrict their movements”, especially at the borders.
He also stressed the importance of working for the drying up of sources of funding for these groups by adopting measures and mechanisms, including the criminalization of ransom payments to terrorist groups.
According to the speaker, “the situation has been aggravated by the exploitation of new criminal networks and technologies, including Internet and social networks.”
He also pleaded for “a serious and effective management” of the financing of terrorist groups, defining the threats to the joint Arab security, and to develop “a complementary approach to effective Arab cooperation, based on solid foundations “, as part of international and regional efforts to fight against extremism, terrorism and bring security and stability in the world.
He also called for strengthening the capacity of the security forces to involve citizens in the security equation and strengthen confidence in the national police, in addition to the need to work towards the achievement of sustainable development, rule of law, social justice and good governance, adding that all these elements are essential for “the prevention against terrorism and various social ills.”
In this context, Hamel highlights the need to involve civil society, journalists, intellectuals and members of religious orders to deal with all forms of crime and terrorist ideology and protect our societies against the negative impact of this ideology since we cannot fight it “only by thought.”
Besides, he stressed the need “to establish new rules of cooperation, coordination and strengthening the capacity of security agencies.”
In addition, Hamel spoke of the Algerian initiative relating to the African Mechanism of police coordination (Afripol) whose headquarters will be built in Algiers, adding that “the main objective is to fight against transnational organized crime, terrorism, weapons trafficking and drugs as well as promoting regional security cooperation, closer to the views of the heads of security organs in evaluating threats, policies definition and strengthening police capabilities in training for the benefit of scientific police.”
This mechanism will “strengthen cooperation between the security organs of the African States and those in other regions including the Arab countries via the General Secretariat of Interpol and CMAI.”

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