Human Rights Day: Algeria continues to fulfil its international commitments

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 17:00
ALGIERS- Algeria continues to fulfil its commitments under the human rights charters it adopted, said Wednesday in Algiers Chairman of the National Consultative Commission for Human Rights Promotion and Protection (CNCPPDH) Farouk Ksentini.
“Algeria has attached great importance to the protection of its citizens’ rights,” said Ksentini in an opening address at a conference on “the right to Justice,” read on his behalf by the Secretary General of the Commission Abdelwaheb Marjana to mark the International Human Rights Day.
“Algeria has made a significant progress in the field, despite big challenges,” he added.
Policies have been developed to preserve citizens’ rights, he said, adding that public authorities “have worked to adapt national legislation to the citizens’ demands and possible changes and developments in general in the society.”
Ksentini also underlined the need to assess the achievements made so far in human rights promotion and protection and identify the different obstacles.
In this regard, he pointed out the new challenges, likely to affect the promotion of human rights worldwide, especially the growing terror threat, the armed conflicts and the negative impacts of the successive global economic crises, he said.
He also expressed concerns over the obstacles preventing some peoples from their rights to self-determination, like the Palestinian and Sahrawi peoples.
Algeria has adopted most international and regional human rights charters, he added.
The conference was marked by the participation of the adviser to the Presidency of the Republic, Mohamed Ali Boughazi, representatives of ministries, state institutions, civil society organizations, academics, international experts and representatives of the European Union mission in Algeria.

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