Algeria, 50 Years of Independence

Increase in the number of foreign companies and traders established in Algeria

The total number of foreign companies and traders operating in Algeria reached 6,454 operators in 2008 compared to 5,386 in 2007, according to the data from the National Trade Register […]

Algeria, Nigeria and Niger sign an intergovernmental agreement for the construction of the TSGP

Algeria, Nigeria and Niger have signed in Abuja an intergovernmental agreement on the construction of the Trans-Sahara Gas Pipeline (TSGP) which will connect Nigeria to Europe, via Algeria and Niger, […]

President Bouteflika Awards Rank To The First Female General Of The ANP

Fatima-Zahra Ardjoun, first female general of the ANP “It is only through seriousness and self-sacrifice in the accomplishment of one’s duty that one can succeed.” On more than one level, […]

The Algerian Economy

IN AN UPWARD TREND, THE ECONOMIC INDICATORS ARE CONTINUING TO IMPROVE Algeria’s economy is performing well, with all of the country’s major macroeconomic indicators on an upward trend. The economy […]

Algeria adopts a very good policy by financing the development projects

Algeria is adopting a “very good” economic policy by continuing to finance the development projects despite the crisis which has shaken the global economy, indicated in Algiers the deputy director […]

What is Medgaz?

With a transport capacity of 8 billion cubic metres/year. I will connect Beni Saf on the Algenan coast to Akneria a Spanish coast. It will be supplied from the Hassi R gas […]

International Development – Pipelines

At the international level, the development of transport by pipelines is reinforced by three projects:   MEDGAS Project With a capacity of 8 billion m3 per year linking Beni Saf (Algeria) […]

Volume of Exports

Exported hydrocarbons (liquid and gaseous) volume has been stable over the period 2000-2008 with an average annual growth rate of 1.0 % increasing from 124 Mtoe in 2000 to 135 […]

Sonelgaz exports electricity to Europe

IN THE THIRD QUARTER OF 2OO9 Sonelgaz will start to export electricity to Europe The Sonelgaz Group has started its electricity exports to Europe as of the third quarter of […]

Complementary Finance Law 2009

Increase in expenditure and new measures for investment and employment The 2010 Finance Bill, adopted by the Council of Ministers, provides for an increase in budgetary expenditure and puts in […]


Mr Djoudi is counting on 3.9% growth for 2009 in Algeria The Algerian economy should achieve positive growth of 3.9% in 2009, stated, in Istanbul, the Minister of Finance, Karim […]