Algeria reiterates, in Oyo, its readiness to host “inter-Libyan reconciliation conference”

OYO (Republic of Congo)- Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, reiterated Thursday in Oyo, Algeria’s readiness to host the “inter-Libyan reconciliation conference,” scheduled for next July.
“I have the honour to announce Algeria’s readiness to host the inter-Libyan reconciliation conference scheduled for next July under the aegis of the AU in collaboration with the United Nations,” he said at the opening of the 1st meeting of the AU contact group on Libya.
Djerad, who represents the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, at this meeting, stressed that Algeria “is ready to provide all the facilities and meet all the necessary conditions for the success of this important event” aimed at ending the crisis in this country.
He reiterated, on the occasion, Algeria’s determination to “continue its efforts to contribute to the settlement of the crisis in Libya while respecting the sovereignty and independence of this neighbouring country,” to work for “the preservation of its territorial integrity” and to “allow the Libyans to take ownership of the political process.”
The Prime Minister stressed once again the “pivotal role” that Libya’s neighbours must play in this process aimed at a political settlement of the crisis that is shaking the country, in accordance with the resolutions of the conference of foreign ministers of Libya’s neighbours, held on 23 January in Algiers.
In this context, Djerad expressed Algeria’s willingness to “support the efforts of the United Nations and contribute effectively to the success of the Libyan dialogue process in which all Libyan protagonists must participate and take their destiny into their own hands in accordance with a national agenda”.
“Algeria is ready to cooperate with the new UN Special Envoy for Libya,” he added, expressing the wish to see the new UN envoy “appointed soon” in order to “maintain the momentum of the process of resolving the crisis in Libya and preserve the gains achieved so far.”

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