Foreign military interventions violating international law generate chaos

PARIS- Foreign military interventions violating the international law have generated chaos, said Wednesday in Paris Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel.
“The foreign military interventions violating the international law have generated chaos wherever they occurred. They created lawless situations which have contributed to the development of terrorism,” said the minister in a lecture entitled “Against terrorism and extremism, Deradicalization: The Algerian experience,” at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).
In this regard, Messahel gave as an example the case of Libya “where a military intervention was staged with obscure plans against which we strongly warned the initiating powers, because we sensed that it would have the worst consequences, not only on Libya but on the entire region, too.”
“Unfortunately, our fears were confirmed (…) as the foreign armed groups under pro-Qaddafi militia, when fleeing the bombings, headed to the North of Mali across Niger to claim the independence of Azawad, while the ink was barely dry on a new agreement with Bamako, mediated by Algeria,” he added.
“Left alone, Libya plunged into the chaos (…) and become a sanctuary for terrorist groups who extended their actions throughout the Sahel region despite the strong presence of foreign troops and the use of the most powerful surveillance equipment,” explained Messahel.

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