Fitur of Madrid: Algerian delicacies, dates highly appreciated

APS : Friday, 20 January 2017
MADRID- The Algerian sweets and dates have enjoyed a great popularity during a tasting day organized, on Friday, by the Algerian delegation participating in the 37th International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR 2017) in Madrid.
The Algerian stand has been the destination of numerous visitors from various countries; all came to taste sweets and cakes made of almond and walnuts and the famous date “Deglet Nour,” served with traditionally-prepared green tea.
Impressed by the “varied and very savoury Algerian delicacies,” the numerous visitors have discovered and felt the hospitality and warmth of Algeria.
Many said they were “agreeably surprised to see this rich heritage.”
This warm atmosphere “really makes me want to go visit this big country,” said Pierre, a visitor from France.
Maria José from Spain, who had already visited many Arab countries, said that she is “amazed with such heritage and such unparalleled generosity of the Algerians.”
This Algerian tasting day, which was marked by the presence of diplomats from many countries and Niger minister of tourism, was also an occasion to promote the Algerian famous date “Deglet Nour”.
“Delicious, tasty, exceptional,” were the main adjectives chosen by those who taste it. Some of them had eaten it for the first time in their life, like a young Bulgarian woman who called it a “heavenly fruit.”
“Deglet Nour” alone can be a very important asset in the promotion of the Algerian tourism and economy, said an official of a Spanish travel agency.
This is a “heritage with a unique value in the world,” he said.

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