First Algerian Cultural Days in Bulgaria

Under the double patronage of Mme Khalida Toumi, Minister of Culture of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria and Mr. Peter Stoyanovitch, Minister of Culture of The Republic of Bulgaria,

With the collaboration of the Cultural Influence Algerian Agency and the Embassy of Algeria in Bulgaria.

As part of the reinforcement of the relations between the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria and the Republic of Bulgaria, the Ministry of Culture has organized, jointly with the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, the First Algerian Cultural Days in Bulgaria, to be held from 19 through 23 November 2013.

 The Opening Ceremony of the event will take place at the Musical Theatre at 6.30 p.m. on 19 November 2013.

The program of this major official cultural event will feature cultural and artistic activities, as well as expositions of art handicrafts, books, and photos.

The National Ballet: will give a series of performances featuring avariety of Algerian folкdances.
Rai singing : Algerian Music is known for its diversity of styles and rich repertoire.
Algerian art handicrafts are an illustration of the creativity and excellence of know-how deeply rooted in Algerian culture. The items to be exhibited are a true invitation to the discovery of traditional art that brings together past and present, tradition and modernity, skills and sensitivity.

Today’s Algerian literature is written in Arabic, Tamazight and French. It is characterized by the presence of great authors of international renown. Among those writing in Arabic, there are Moufdi Zakaria, author of Algeria’s anthem (Qassamen) and Mohamed Laid Al Khalifa, to name just a few, for illustrative purposes only.
Among French-language authors, one can mention Kateb Yacine, Mouloud Feraoun, Mohamed Dib, Mouloud Mammeri, Malek Haddad, Djamel Amrani, Rachid Boudjedra, Rachid Mimouni , and  Assia Djebbar.

Invitation For the Opening:

Invitation For Plovdiv:

Invitation for the opening of Exhibition of books:

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Invitation for the Concert of Cheb Kader :


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