FIA 2019: Foreign exhibitors express strong interest in Algerian market

APS :Wednesday, 19 June 2019
ALGIERS – Foreign exhibitors, partaking for the first time in the International Trade Fair of Algiers (FIA), have expressed a strong interest for the Algerian market,
disregarding the current political context of the country which, according to them is only “temporary.”
Met by APS, the representative of South Africa pavilion at the 52nd FIA, highlighted the opportunity that this economic event offers for the professionals to forge relationships. The delegate from Nelson Mandela spoke about the cultural and historical ties with Algeria.
However, the South African official who attends the Fair, for the time, said that the professional players are “very few” compared to the public, came in large numbers to discover the new features of this Trade Fair, hosted in the Exhibition Centre of Algiers.
“Our diplomatic representatives in Algeria have comprehensively presented the partnership opportunities offered by the Algerian market, notably in the fields of food processing, tourism and seeds,” she added.
“South Africa will consider all the incentives for investment in Algeria, a country which will certainly succeed in its peaceful aspiration to change and democracy.”
According to this exhibitor, “Algerian operators have already made contact with their South African counterparts for possible cooperation in the supply of Algerian olive oil.”
Met at the fair’s German pavilion, Farid, a representative of a German company selling automatic embroidery machines said that “I’m happy to see so many people at this fair. This is a good sign “.
On this second day of the Fair, Farid expressed his enthusiasm to meet potential Algerian collaborators to “discuss business”.
As for him, Li Yu, representative of a Chinese company specializing in the manufacturing of construction equipment, recommended in a statement to APS that visits should only be allowed for professionals, in order to set contacts with potential economic partners.
Her first participation in the FIA was motivated by the “positive echoes” on this event, which became a “global business hub”, as well as the potential of the Algerian market, notably in the construction sector.
Under the theme “Algeria: Economic Diversification and Partnership Opportunities in perspective “, this year’s FIA 2019 is held from 18 to 23 June in the Exhibition Centre in Algiers.
This event brings together nearly 501 exhibitors, including 361 exhibitors national and 140 foreigners.
The total number of participants is 501 operators, of which 361 national and 140 foreigners, from
Germany, Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan, United States of America, Cuba, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mali and France.

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