FAO-CopMed II: Mediterranean countries discuss in Algiers sustainable sea fishing

APS : Monday, 30 October 2017
ALGIERS- Representatives of several Mediterranean countries met on Monday in Algiers to discuss, with the collaboration of FAO, the best ways to ensure in the sustainable fishing in the Mediterranean basin.
This meeting is part of the FAO-CopMed II project, a cooperative project aiming at the management of fish stocks.
This 10th meeting of the FAO-CopMed II Coordination Committee, held for the first time in Algiers, aims at maintaining seas fishing sustainability in the central and western Mediterranean sea, taking into account the environmental, biological, economic and socials problems, said General Manager of Fishing at Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing Taha Hamouche.
The FAO-CopMed II project has been designed to promote the scientific cooperation between the coastal countries, through coordinated surveys, collection of data and elaboration of joint multi-disciplinary approaches.
This two-day meeting, which brings together all the member countries of the project (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Spain, France, Italy and Malta), is meant to be an occasion to exchange views and define the priorities and the needs of those countries in terms of training and research.

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