Excessive media coverage of extremist violence, fuel for terrorists

NIAMEY- The excessive coverage of extremist violence “can become fuel for terrorists,” said Wednesday in Niamey, Secretary General of Niger’s Higher Council of Communication, Suleiman Anza.
In his address on the second and last day of the workshop on “Media contribution to the prevention and fight against violent extremism,” Anza, former general manager of Niger’s news agency (ANP), stressed the need to have a critical eye on how the media could contribute, inadvertently, to the agenda of radicalism and violent extremism.
In this regard, he said, “the excessive media coverage could become a fuel for terrorists.”
“Consciously or unconsciously, some media are participating in the dissemination of the fear that terrorists seek to spread through their acts of violence,” he added.
In this respect, he called on the players in the sector of information and communication “to be vigilant face with this reality, especially in our Sahel countries, where we deplore, almost every day, attacks here and there.”

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