Energy transition, key priority to strengthen energy security

APS : Wednesday, 24 February 2021

HASSI R’MEL (Laghouat)-President of the Republic, Abdelmadji Tebboune, stressed on Wednesday that energy transition is one of the “major” priorities to strengthen the country’s energy security,
saying he is optimistic about the promising prospects in this area.
“On this occasion, we remember the decision to restore national sovereignty over our wealth and the determination of Algeria’s engineers and technicians to meet the challenges and win the bet (…),” said
President Tebboune in a speech on the occasion of the celebration of the double anniversary of the creation of the UGTA (1956) and the nationalization of hydrocarbons (1971).
“We are still proud of the determination of those loyal nationalists who have allowed the energy sector to maintain its production, and whose successors, managers and workers in the hydrocarbons sector, are now in
charge of meeting the current challenges.”
The President of the Republic noted, among other challenges, “the expansion and development of prospecting and exploration, meeting commitments to foreign markets and adapting to changes towards energy transition.”
“I remain convinced that the prospects are promising in this area, based on the capital experience and expertise in this field and the mobilization of managers and workers in the sector to implement the strategy to renew oil and gas reserves and develop projects in the manufacturing industry,” added the President of the Republic.
President Tebboune further welcomed “the achievements made in terms of human resources development, a key factor for the development of the hydrocarbon sector.”

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