El-Oued: 8,000 tonnes of potatoes, vegetables exported to Libya

EL-OUED (Algeria)- A total of 8,000 tonnes of potatoes and other vegetables have been exported over the past 15 days, by land, from El-Oued (650 km southeast of Algiers) to Libya,
the province’s Chamber of Agriculture said Monday.
The operation, the largest so far during the season, has been carried out by six exporters under cooperation and partnership agreements with Libyan operators on the supply of the neighboring country’s market with various agricultural produce, said the Chamber’s head, Bekkar Ghemmam Hamed.
Agricultural produce exports, which started early December 2019, are part of the programme of the Agricultural Chamber aimed at finding foreign markets, he added.
Export operations are due to continue as part of the priorities of the Chamber, whose main role is the mediation between farmers and exporters through agricultural product marketing offers, Bekkar said.

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