Diplomats accredited to Algiers visit Algeria's tangible, intangible heritage exhibition

APS : Monday, 13 May 2019
ALGIERS- Palace of Culture Moufdi Zakaria, in Algiers, hosted Sunday evening exhibitions on Algeria’s tangible and intangible heritage, in the presence of a number
of ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Algeria.
Organized by the ministry of Culture in collaboration with the ministry of Foreign Affairs, the visit was an opportunity for the foreign diplomats to learn about the Algerian heritage, both tangible, such as the latest archaeological discoveries of prehistoric sites of Ain El-Hanech (Setif, 300 km east of Algiers), and intangible, which is shared with many African countries and listed as world heritage by UNESCO.
In an address, Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum said “Algeria is a free country that wants to have peaceful relations with all States, especially the neighboring countries.”
“Algeria’s future is contingent upon the interest it attaches to youths, culture, education and women.”
The evening, also attended by Minister of Culture Meriem Merdaci, started by a visit to the exhibition “Photographic Journey of Marsel Van in the Land of Ancient Algeria,” to run until May 17.
A collection of about forty pictures taken by Dutch Marsel Van of 36 archaeological sites, like the Roman ruins of Tipasa, Setif (Djemila) and Batna (Timgad).
The evening’s agenda also included a second exhibition, entitled “Africa’s intangible cultural heritage,” shedding light on traditional attire, like Chedda “of Tlemcen,” the pottery of the Tunisian town of Sejnane, the music of Igwala (Uganda), “Al-Hilali epic” of Egypt and the African dance of Guinea.

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