Dialogue with EU: Algeria expects "better understanding" and "conjunction of actions"

APS : Monday, 12 November 2018
ALGIERS- Algeria expects from the strategic dialogue with the European Union (EU) on the regional security and counterterrorism “better understanding,” “proper reading”
of the respective preoccupations and a “conjunction of actions” for peace, Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said at the 2nd session of Algeria-EU high level dialogue, held Monday in Algiers.
“Like with the other partners, we expect from this dialogue better mutual understanding, proper reading of our respective preoccupations and a conjunction of the efforts and the actions likely to reinforce peace, security and stability where they are breached or threatened in our common neighborhood and all over the world,” he told this session he co-chaired with High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.
In this regard, the foreign minister said that Algeria has founded this dialogue with EU on principles “that contribute to promoting good neighborhood, the balance of interests, the non-interference in the States’ affairs, dialogue and the political solutions to crises and conflicts, the rejection of the foreign military interventions in violation of the international law, the respect of States’ sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and national cohesion, the appropriation of the processes of conflict settlement by the protagonists themselves without foreign interference and finally, on the essential equidistance with regard to those very protagonists.
This dialogue constitutes a “qualitative added value that will bolster the global dynamic of cooperation” between Algeria and the European Union in many sectors, Messahel added.
The Algerian top diplomat called for “stronger cooperation” in the fight against the more and more expanding cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism.
On that occasion, Messahel said that “peace and security are indivisible” as reflected by “the instability and insecurity that pose both the lingering conflicts in Mali, Libya, Western Sahara, and the increasing terrorist threat in the immense Sahel-Saharan region.”
Algeria is feeling the consequences on the security of its borders
“Algeria remains worried by the persistent tensions and their multiple negative impacts on the peace, the security, the stability and the socio-economic development of the whole region,” he said, mentioning the spread of terrorism, the multiplication of attacks and the return of terrorist fighters, the illegal migration inflow and their exploitation by par les mafia-like networks as well as the development of a wide range of criminal activities connected to terrorism.
Algeria “feels the consequences on the security of its borders,” Messahel said, adding that the country makes “huge efforts” and “mobilizes significant resources” to ensure its security and its borders’.
“The burden is so heavy,” he said.
Moreover, the foreign minister said that the causes of the illegal migration “lie in the sub-development which weakens the populations and the capacities of the origin countries, the non settlement of the enduring political conflicts, the fear of terrorism and the rapid expansion of the criminal activities of all kind.”
“These are issues that challenge my country as much as the Sahel countries, the EU and the entire international community,” he concluded.

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