Deradicalization in Algeria based on consolidation of democracy

PARIS (France)- Algeria’s policy of deradicalization is based on consolidation of democracy, as a “strategic option,” Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said Wednesday in Paris.
“The policy of deradicalization is based on consolidation of democracy, as a strategic option to fight exclusiveness -which is the only political programme of extremists- and exclusion -as they fight any opposition to their single rhetoric, whatever the content,” the Foreign minister said in a talk.
Messahel’s lecture, entitled “Against Terrorism and Extremism, Deradicalization: The Algerian Experience,” was given at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).
Algeria, he stressed, considers democracy as an “antidote to extremist and radical speeches.”
This policy has made the population and the whole country “safe from potential future risks of radicalization,” Messahel noted, adding that it is comprehensive and multisectoral.
He added that the success of such policy is contingent on adhesion and involvement of citizens and all public and private players.
“It lays on an inclusive approach aimed at the elimination, within society, of all socioeconomic, political, religious, cultural factors leading to marginalization, especially of the young,” he said.
The policy “has been, and remains, a major axis” in the Algerian State’s policies and sectorial programmes.

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