Debré hopes mutual cooperation relations between French, Algerian constitutional councils

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 17:37
ALGIERS-President of the French Constitutional Council Jean-Louis Debré pleaded Wednesday in Algiers for mutual cooperation relations with the Algerian Constitutional Council.
“We want cooperation relations between our two important institutions. Technical cooperation is very important for us to allow our Algerian friends learn about the new French Constitutional Council” said Debré in a statement to the press after his talks with President of the Constitutional Council, Mourad Medelci.
“With our Algerian friends, it is important that we look at what we have done and they tell us with all sincerity in our reports what is right and what is wrong, because there is no mutual cooperation,” he noted.
Debré argued, in this context, that “we are here to work together for the good of all litigants.”
Medelci and Debré also reviewed the relations between the two constitutional institutions and examined ways and means to develop bilateral cooperation actions.
They also agreed to set up a work program whose execution is planned in early 2016.
After his talks with Medelci, the president of the French Constitutional Council made a presentation on the experience of the French constitutional institution in which he outlined the “significant progress” made on constitutionality of control.
“What we want to do is to enrich each other and avoid imposing things from us,” he noted.
Debré is on a two-day official visit to Algeria at the invitation of Medelci.

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